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    I also think it is awful that I need to pay $20 to unrelease my ban from my account. Im not willing to pay for an unban and would much rather formally dispute considering my ban was hardly my fault and out of accident thanks.
  3. Hi im the only user who is ever online on Pacific Realm and my ban reasoning is stupid. My keyboard was broken and I kept spamming the same word Please consider the lifting of my ban Thanks :) -- my account was originally named: 'ComradeCarl' but has since been changed to : 'xxxtemtation'
  4. After countless hours and effort Pacific Realms has finally been released. With this server we really wanted to capture more of a vanilla feel so we carefully selected enhancements that didn't effect player gameplay too drastically. Some of the enhancements include an emerald economy system, horse claiming & protecting, land claiming and protected villagers. We also added an old-school server shop called the "Bazaar" instead of the common GUI shops you see these days. Checkout out some of the pictures of Pacific Realms below: Survival World Portal Reward Crates Parkour Course Guildhall Bazaar
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